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Why giving up or reducing Wheat and gluten can improve your health

Aside from the fact that a grain free diet is a low carb diet that should help you lose weight, what specific benefits are there from cutting wheat out of the diet? This is the question that the video covers. Books like wheat belly have enhanced the popularity of gluten free diets, but due to their very rapid increasing popularity, such diets have redeemed the status of "fad." Nutrition is always complicated, as the human body is - this topic is no different. I covered some of the reasons why cutting out gluten should evoke weight loss and improve health, especially gut health and conditions like irritable bowel syndrome, but there are actually a couple more reasons to avoid gluten not mentioned here.

A PDF with the transcript and sources can be found here:
★Correction: Please disregard the table shown at 4:09 as it doesn't actually present a significant difference in muscle & liver lipids in the control and gluten free mice. Based on the other findings in the study, the point that gluten could exacerbate insulin resistance, diabetes and fatty liver still stands.

(The study suggests that gluten results in metabolic alterations in lipid and glucose metabolism in GF group instead reduction of lipid absorption.) You can read the full study here: [ ]
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"Gluten Freedom" by Alessio Fasano -
"Toxic Staple" by Anne Sarkisian -
"Grain Brain" by David Perlmutter -

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